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10-4 Magazine / December 2018


This is a special time of year, but it seems to pass at the speed of light. Is it because October, November and December each

have major holidays? Yes, it is like being on a high-speed ride. Halloween fast approaches with all the festivities of harvest parties

and trick or treating. Then, on its heels in just three weeks, is Thanksgiving, when many of us are traveling home to celebrate with

the family. Most people view December as an entire month of holidays – Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. Everyone is busy

with decorating, parties, gift buying and getting ready for the various activities. And, before we know it, the New Year is being

welcomed in, as well. But it seems December is the best month of the year. Most people are different – they are more cheerful and

courteous to others. There seems to be an air of expectation and that is enhanced by the children in our families. No matter what the

age, we still see the Holidays through our childhood memories. My grandson is almost six years old now and is starting to realize

what Christmas is about. In October, he said that it was such a long time till Christmas... I just smiled. For the adults, the Holidays

come (and go) too soon, but we must admit that most of us like Christmas carols, the displays in the stores and the ringing of the

SalvationArmy bells. Many enjoy taking a break and going to the theater to see the new holiday movies, or just making some popcorn

and viewing the classic Christmas films at home. It is also a time for family and tolerance, as many of us are forced to endure family

members that, thankfully, we only see, if we are lucky, once a year! It is a time of telling the littles ones some great Christmas stories

and what it was like when we were their age. Yet, each year it gets more and more difficult to try to explain life without cell phones,

instant messaging, social media, streaming and tablets. Yes, times have changed, but

people do not. Most of us carry the Holiday spirit around with us through the month of

December and enjoy the excitement that we see around us. As an adult, I still enjoy

looking at the houses decorated in Christmas lights and the blow-up figures. It lends

a certain lightheartedness to the soul. There is something special about coming into a

house and smelling cookies baking or, better yet, to see several generations sitting at

a table and decorating cookies. Sometimes, the simple tasks in life bring the greatest

joy and become the best part of our special Holiday memories. My special wish for

you this season is the blessing of special moments filled with delight and joy! Merry

Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Kwanzaa to you all.

Words of Wisdom:

By Sharleigh