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Chip Scale Review January • February • 2019


Technology Trends

CEA-Leti’s extended 300mm line to enable disruptive technologies Emilie Viasnoff, Christophe Maleville CEA-Leti 41


January • February 2019

Volume 23, Number 1

The emergence of next-generation 5G,

WiFi protocols, and automotive radar

have pushed ICs into extreme frequency

bands. High-volume 6GHz production test

cells are being modified to up-convert,

mix, down-convert, source, and measure

for both cmWave (3GHz to 30GHz) and

mmWave (30GHz to >100GHz) frequencies.

Test interface hardware has now become a

key differentiator for bringing these next-

generation applications to market, with

relatively few solutions available.

Cover image courtesy of Cohu

43 Industry News


7 10 14 20 31 37 26 Discontinuities are driving innovation in 3D-IC package design and verification Wally Rhines Mentor, a Siemens Business Production test interface solutions for mmWave and antenna in package (AiP) Jason Mroczkowski, Dan Campion Cohu New test methodologies for 5G wafer high-volume production Daniel Bock, Jeff Damm FormFactor, Inc. Redistribution layers for heterogeneous integrations John H. Lau ASM Pacific Technology, Ltd. Moore’s Law for Packaging to replace Moore’s Law for ICs Rao R. Tummala Georgia Institute of Technology Air jetting debonding for thin-wafer/panel and fan-out wafer-level package processing Hao Tang, My Nguyen, Joshua Huffaker, Anastasia Banner Micro Materials Inc. Temporary bonding and the challenge of cleaning post-debond Phillip Tyler, Kenji Nulman Veeco Instruments - Precision Surface Processing Michelle Fowler, Seth Molenhour Brewer Science, Inc.