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Page Background 3D X-ray Volumetric Measurement for Advanced Semiconductor Package Development Imagine measuring embedded structures in complex 3D semiconductor packages without physically opening the package. ZEISS 3D X-ray microscopes (XRM) overcome the limitations of mechanical cross sectional to enable fast, high-resolution, non-destructive 3D metrology for accelerated development and improved production quality control of advanced packages. Featuring: • Submicron resolution • Advanced 3D measurements including: – Dimensional analysis for interconnect: TSV, µbumps and solder – Solder volume – Bond-line thickness measurements for DRAM – Solder extrusion – 3D void analysis • Fast time-to-results Read about our 3D X-ray measurement solution for advanced packaging at . 15 µm Improving your advanced package processes. ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa Virtual XRM cross section of a TSV-μbump structure for solder extrusion for measurements of solder extrusion (in yellow) 3D color rendering shows solder extrusion Solder Extrusion