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Chip Scale Review March • April • 2017

[] High-accuracy metrology for advanced packaging applications Elisabeth Brandl, Markus Heilig, Thomas Uhrmann, Thomas Wagenleitner EV Group 10 Core capabilities of a thermocompression bonder Hugo Pristauz, Alastair Attard, Andreas Mayr Besi Austria GmbH 14


March • April 2017

Volume 21, Number 2

The cover shows a tool operator measuring the

total thickness variation of an adhesive interlayer

of a temporary bonded wafer by taking 280,000

measurement points. For thickness measurements,

a high number of measurement points is needed

to achieve proper accuracy. Local deviations,

such as particles within the bond interface, have

a significant effect on the subsequent thinning

process, which can lead to wafer breakage and

tool downtime.

Cover image courtesy of EV Group

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