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Chip Scale Review May June 201

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Polymer dielectric suppliers have been

working on low-temp cure variations of the

typical PI and PBOs to meet such FOWLP


In addition: 1) FOWLP is often

perceived as too expensive; this issue

should be alleviated as the new suppliers

reach HVM; 2) FOWLP imposes a specific

re-design vs. flip-chip solutions are much

more flexible and mature cost-wise; and

3) The window of application for FOWLP

is restricted to die that need an I/O pitch

larger than the chip dimensions can

accommodate, otherwise fan-in or other

solutions will meet the requirements.

It is expected that the mobile industry will

remain the main driver for FOWLP demand

in the future because of its superior RF

performance and its good form factor. The

new FOWLP solutions such as SiP and PoP

will soon allow it to penetrate the industrial,

automotive, and medical markets.


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t (


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FOWLP challenges and proposed solutions. Courtesy A*Star IME.

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Jérôme Azémar received his Master’s

in Microelectronics and Applied Physics

from INSA Toulouse and is a Technology

& Market Analyst, Advanced Packaging

& Manufacturing at Yole Développement;


Phil Garrou received his PhD in

Chemistry from Indiana U. He has served as

President of IEEE CPMT (2004-2005) and

IMAPS (1998) and is currently a Sr. Analyst

for Yole Développement.