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Chip Scale Review May • June • 2019



May • June 2019

Volume 23, Number 3

Automotive applications are driving a

number of packaging technologies, such

as reliability of packaging materials and

screening of SoCs. But flexible hybrid

electronics (e.g., for biosensors and

personal wearable body monitors) and

“More than Moore” nontraditional scaling

are also pushing the packaging market

segment forward. This issue covers the

above topics in detail across a broad swath

of the packaging industry.

Photo courtesy of Brewer Science, Inc.

15 Challenges in automotive packaging technologies Emilie Jolivet Yole Développement and Prasad Dhond Amkor Technology, Inc. Technology Trends


7 Stretchable flexible hybrid electronics Marius Ivan Pricos Technologies Inc. 52 International Directory of Wafer Scribing & Dicing Systems 11 Structural plastics for flexible hybrid electronics fabrication Tony D. Flaim and Jennifer See Brewer Science, Inc. 22 OSAT perspective: automotive semiconductor market &manufacturing challenges Asif R. Chowdhury UTAC Group 31 Driving reliability in automotive electronics assembly materials Andy C. Mackie, Andreas Karch, Kay Parker, Erron Pender, Ricky McDonough Indium Corporation 37 Effective screening of automotive SoCs by combining burn-in and system-level test P. Bernardi, D. Calabrese, M. Restifo, F. Almeida, M. Sonza Reorda Politecnico di Torino D. Appello, G. Pollaccia, V. Tancorre, R. Ugioli, G. Zoppi STMicroelectronics Srl 44 Exposed die fan-out wafer-level packaging by transfer molding Sebastiaan H.M. Kersjes, Jurrian L. J. Zijl, Niels de Jong, Henk Wensink Besi Netherlands B.V. 49 Improving Si and SiC wafer dicing yields with thermal laser separation Dirk Lewke, Christian Belgardt, Hans-Ulrich Zühlke, Mandy Gebhardt 3D-Micromac AG 55 Packaging high-performance memory devices Damon Tsai Rudolph Technologies, Inc. 60 Avoiding the downfalls of bond wires with printed interconnects Bryan Germann Optomec Inc.