Chip Scale Review - May June 2020

30 Chip Scale Review May • June • 2020 [] filling with minor adjustments of the VMS. The physical properties, tensile strength and elongation of these copper-plated deposits pass IPC class III specification and have low internal stress as-plated and after annealing, thereby providing a reliable deposit that will withstand the stresses of assembly and device usage. References 1. H. Akahoshi, M. Kawamoto, T. Itabashi, O. Miura, A. Takahashi, S. Kobayashi, “Fine-line circuit manufact u r ing technology with electroless copper plating,” IEEE Trans. on Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Tech.: Part A, vol. 18, pp. 127-135, 1995. 2. Y-H. Chen, S-L. Cheng, D-C. Hu, T-J. Tseng, “L/S ≤5/5μm line embedded organic substrate manufacturing for 2.1D/2.5D SiP application,” IMAPS, Nov. 2015. 3. C. Chen, M. Lin, G. Liao, Y. Ding, W. Cheng, “Balanced embedded trace substrate design for warpage control,” IEEE Elec. and Comp. Tech. Conf., May 26–29, 2015, pp. 193–199. 4. Y. Li, D. Goyal, 3D Microelectronic Packaging From Fundamentals to Applications , Springer, Jan. 20, 2017 - Technology. 5. S. Dharmarathna, et al., “High throw DC acid copper formulation for vertical continuous electroplating processes,” IPC APEX Expo 2017, San Diego, CA, Feb. 14-16. 6. Y. Zhang, G. Ding, P. Cheng, H. Wang, “Numerical simulation and experimental verification of additive distribution in through-silicon via during copper filling process,” Jour. of The Electrochemical Soc., 162 (1) D62-D67 (2015). Biographies Kesheng Feng is Director of Research, Metallization Technology at MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, Waterbury, CT, USA. He has 22 years of experience in the PCB industry with MacDermid Alpha with a primary focus on IC substrates, HDI, and primary metallization techniques. He holds 12 US patents, has authored more than 25 technical articles, and holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Nankai U. in China. Email Kwangsuk Kim (Leslie Kim) is Business Manager, IC Substrates and Electronics Materials at MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, Bundang-Gu Sungnam-City, Kyungki-Do, Korea. In his 21 years with MacDermid Alpha he has dedicated himself to the development and application of new processes and technologies in high technology PCB, IC substrate, LED and molded interconnects. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Chemistry and a Master’s in Business Administration, both from Anjou U. in Korea. LEADERS IN MICRODISPENSING TECHNOLOGY Our Micro Dispensing product line is proven and trusted by manufacturers in semiconductor, electronics assembly, medical device and electro-mechanical assembly the world over. . 216 River Street, Haverhill, MA 01832 • P: 978.374.6451 • F: 978.372.4889 • SMALL REPEATABLE VOLUMES ARE A CHALLENGE, BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE IF YOU HAVE BEEN CREATING THEM AS LONG AS WE HAVE. TO DO IT WELL, WE PROVIDE THREE THINGS: Dispensing Expertise in a variety of microelectronic packaging applications. Feasibility Testing & Process Verification based on years of product engineering, material flow testing and software control. Product Development for patented valves, dispensing cartridges, needles, and accessories.