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Chip Scale Review September • October • 2017



September • October 2017

Volume 21, Number 5

The photo shows a close-up side-view of

the ablation area inside SUSS MicroTec’s

ELP300 Excimer Laser Stepper. A polyimide-

coated silicon wafer is positioned beneath a

stationary projection lens (not visible). Bright

ablation plumes are visible on the wafer’s

surface as polyimide is directly removed by the

projected mask pattern and with sub-micron

depth accuracy. Excimer laser ablation is a

technology enabler and an attractive alternative

to photolithography.

Cover photograph courtesy of SUSS MicroTec SE.

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Technology Trends


Photonic packaging: moving fromcomponent- to wafer-level packaging

Peter O’Brien

Tyndall National Institute

11 Excimer laser ablation for microvia and fine RDL routings for advanced packaging Habib Hichri, Markus Arendt SUSS MicroTec Photonic Systems, Inc. 25 Nondestructive 3D X-ray imaging for advanced packaging failure analysis Cheryl Hartfield Zeiss SemiconductorManufacturing Technology , andDaniel Nuez Xilinx, Inc. 29 Contactor and package design effects on crosstalk Noureen Sajid Johnstech International 37 Lithography challenges for panel-level packaging Jack Mach Rudolph Technologies , and Ognian Dimov FujiFilm Electronic Materials, USA 40 44 Relieving stress in flip-chip solder joints Ephraim Suhir Portland State University Challenges in automotive package development Shaun Bowers Amkor Technology, Inc. 33 High-throughput via formation in solid-core glass for IC substrates Roman Ostholt, Norbert Ambrosius, Daniel Dunker, Jean-Pol Delrue LPKF Laser & Electronics AG 16 Photonic modules for data centers require cutting-edge technologies Stéphane Bernabé, Olivier Castany, Bertrand Szelag, Benoît Charbonnier CEA-Leti within IRT-Nanoelec Marc Epitaux SAMTEC Inc., within IRT-Nanoelec 21 Interferometry for advanced packaging metrology applications Julia Brueckner Quantum Analytics