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Chip Scale Review September • October • 2018

[] 23 International Directory of Defect Inspection Systems


September • October 2018

Volume 22, Number 5

The ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa X-ray microscope

(XRM) provides non-destructive package-level

failure analysis and 3D volumetric and linear

measurements on packaging structures with

submicron resolution. The photo, taken inside

the XRM chamber, shows a loaded sample

being prepared for measurement just after

placement by the robotic arm. The XRM system

collects 2D projection images from the rotating

sample, which is positioned between an X-ray

source and detector, and then uses proprietary

software to reconstruct 3D volume data that

may be visualized and analyzed. Scintillator-

coupled microscope objectives enable it to

maintain resolution regardless of package size.

Cover image courtesy of Zeiss

10 Creating planar embedded RDL structures without CMP Richard Hollman TEL NEXX Inc ; Habib Hichri, Markus Arendt Suss Microtec Photonic Systems ; Ognian Dimov, Sanjay Malik Fujifilm Electronic Materials 17 High-resolution 3D X-ray microscopy for semiconductor advanced packaging measurements Cheryl Hartfield, Allen Gu, Raleigh Estrada ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology, PCS Strategic Business Unit 29 The clouded view of WCSP inspection strategies M. Todd Wyant Texas Instruments 32 Effective, scalable EMI protection for semiconductor packages Xinpei Cao, Jinu Choi, Junbo Gao, Dan Maslyk, Andrew Sun, Qizhuo Zhuo Henkel Corporation 38 Surviving the three phases of high-density advanced packaging (HDAP) design Keith Felton Mentor, A Siemens Business



7 Technology Trends

Meeting the metrology and inspection needs of next-generation advanced

packaging processes

Timothy Kryman

Rudolph Technologies, Inc.

36 Technology Trends AI/ML accelerate transition from standard components to application- specific, system-level solutions Herb Reiter eda 2 asic Consulting 45 Industry News