Foothills Sentry August 2021

Foothills Sentry Page 16 August 2021 COLOR Trimming & Removals Expires 08/31/21 *All coupons are valid one time only. One coupon per customer per job. Not to be combined with any other o er. Coupons discounts are subject to change at any time. INFO@GRUETT.COM E-MAIL US @ RE-TREATMENTS FOR EXISTING CLIENTS GRUETT.COM VISIT US @ *Not to be combined with any other o er GOOD THRU 08/31/21 15% OFF Any quote with Tree IV Treatment Applications • Trimming, pruning, lacing, and thinning • Removals • Stump Grinding • Emergency Services • Tree Care Maintenance • Residential / Commercial Property Cleanup • Weed Abatement • Integrated Pest Management • Tree Hazard Assessments • Scientific Solutions • Soil Restructuring • Organic & Systemic Options • Licensed C27, C61, D49 Contractor • ISA Certified Arborist • Certified Plant Healthcare Technicians • Landscape Maintenance Specialist • Consulting Arborists • Heavy Equipment Operators • Your Neighbor! Expires 08/31/21 *Not to be combined with any other o er ************************ GRUETT OFFERS Tree CARE & HEALTHCARE Services We are: *Not to be combined with any other o er. Invoice to be paid upon completion of work 20% OFF 15% OFF on quotes of $375 or more! In Southern California, it seems that our fire season is year-round! Therefore, it is extremely important to prepare and protect your house from wildfires, especially in the summer- time. Some counties and cities will actually fine you if you don’t maintain weeds and grass on your property. The area 5 feet from your house is known as the Immediate Zone and is most vulnerable. It is crucial to clean all fallen leaves, needles, dead plants, and grass clippings from your yard within this zone. It is also important to remove any tree limbs that extend into this area as well as regularly trimming trees, so branches are at a minimum of 10 feet from other trees. If you have slopes, or overgrown areas, be sure the weeds are cut short, and dead trees are removed. Contact the tree care specialists at Gruett Tree Company and we’ll give you a free quote for weed abatement and dead tree and limb removals! For updated fire safety news and guidelines go to: My backyard is a constant warzone, the war of the roots I call it. Between my neighbor’s Ficus tree, my Carrotwood tree and my Palms, which my architect ever so cleverly planted right by my house, the roots have waged war on my pool, my drainage pipes, and my back-patio’s foundation! I knew the risks if I just started hacking away at them, the trees would go into shock. I also knew that the plastic root barrier I installed around my pool was compromised with the Ficus roots growing through it like a butter knife through a wet napkin. Then we stumbled across the smartest barrier, like ever! It’s called a biobarrier! It is made of a flexi- ble and permeable geotextile fabric, which is easily malleable and bendable to contours and angles, or even wrapped around drainpipes. Every couple inches there are time-release nodules containing a low-level herbicide. The roots sense the herbicide, and redirect, or abscise all together, never making contact with the barrier itself! Need reinforcements in your war of the roots? Call Gruett’s team of ISA Certified Arborists and have their qualified applicators install a biobarrier for you today! Protect your pines from bark beetle! Smart Barrier! Don’t Wait! Let’s Weed abate! Reduce density of surrounding forest Clean roof and gutters Keep grass short and watered Stack firewood away from home Prune branches up 6 feet