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8 | WINTER 2018



This Chicken & Kale

salad is the perfect

recipe to add into

your repertoire of

dishes for healthy

eating. See page 52

for the recipe.

Photo by

Naomi Robinson

Publisher/Advertising Director

Devon Hocker


Erinn Igarashi

Art Director

Ashlyn Pentoney

Advertising Sales

Kim Reed

Account Manager

Courtney Buckley

Production Coordinator

Alexi Hocker

Content Contributors

Katherine Louis Boucher, Allison Emery,

Jill French, Karl Gebhard, MD, MS,

Dr. Chris Koutures, Andrew Reed,

Andrew Shore, Jane Thomas,

Kathleen Mates-Youngman


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We hope that 2018 is treating you kindly so far.

In this issue you will find a lot of information about ways to live healthier. Being

healthy can mean so many things. While the obvious is physical health and the

ways to achieve that are so varied, there is also mental health, financial health

and so much more!

Kathleen Mates-Youngman, a featured contributor provides advice for dealing

with loss and grief. Whether suffering personally or if someone close to you

is experiencing depression and extreme sadness, Mates-Youngman provides

realistic ways to help yourself and others through it.

You’ll also find tips for


. This buzz word simply defined, is the act of

taking care of your mind, body and soul. At the foundation is the idea that by

taking care of yourself and nurturing your own needs you will be happier and

healthier, and more able to be there for others as well. From eating healthy, to

being more active, to getting enough sleep to finding things to do that make

you innately happy, you will find tips and ideas to do all of those things. We all

struggle to make changes in our lives but incorporating healthy habits into your

lifestyle can make a big difference. Maybe these habit changes require a lot of

effort – like becoming a vegetarian, to something easier to implement - like

taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator, any quality habits you bring into

your life will ultimately help you be healthier!

If you are in need for some dinner inspiration, look no further than Ladera Ranch

Resident Chef Katherine’s delicious take on comfort food made healthy. These

recipes are big on flavor while being mindful of the ingredients. I can’t wait to

make the Gumbo for my family!

Also, don’t forget to check out the calendar of events – Orange County is home

to so many things to do from plays to exhibits to fun outdoor activities there is

so much to do!

Enjoy your time with family and friends and we hope you are able to incorporate

some healthy habits into your daily life. If you feel so inclined please feel free

to email us at

with any story ideas you’d like to see this year.

Best Wishes,

Erinn Igarashi & Devon Hocker

Dear Readers,