Your Villa Magazine Orange County November - December 2019

DESIGN + BUILD FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL: (949) 298-4325 WWW.KITCHENSANDBATHSBYLYNN.COM KITCHENSBYLYNN@VERIZON.NET Introducing the State-of-the-Art Kitchen: Wellness Kitchens For years, Lynn Wallace has been living a bona fide organic life, resulting in experienced knowledge. Today she is bringing personal knowledge of the healthiest trend to hit the design world, Wellness Kitchens. For those who have made the switch to a healthier, more holistic lifestyle, conventional kitchens are poised for adjustment and a makeover. Five key areas that are receiving the biggest revamp are: 4 Space planning for juicing and preparation 4 Cabinet storage and sink arrangement 4 Appliances that perform with precision to preserve nutritional density 4 Healthier lighting design 4 Bacteria free countertops The new layout accommodates efficient workstations that also welcome conversations and entertaining. They often feature a re-imagined island with a central drain for easy clean up and separate trash and compost compartments. Kitchen islands also become encasements for indoor gardens. Instead of hiding healthy food, cabinets now display them in appetizing way to encourage organic eating habits. They are also consciously selected for their natural wood-seals and paints that are low or no VOC. Quartz is a popular choice for countertops because of their non-porous characteristics that are easy to clean, disinfect and repair. Making educated selections for appliances becomes critical to maintain proper temperature zones and nutrient values. For example, not all vegetables maintain their nutritional integrity at the same temperature. Fruits should be separated from vegetables to keep their natural ethylene gasses from over-ripening them. The new Wellness Kitchen serves as a better reflection of our mind, body and environment. To learn more about Wellness Kitchens, please visit: 34 | YourVilla Magazine • Remodel Professionals • Kitchen & Bath Specialist • Certified Interior Designer • Lighting & Space Planning Specialist • Service & Quality is Our Top Priority • Reliable Service for 35 Years 949.298.4325 | C A B I N E T R Y A 2-Hour Consultation at 50% OFF Limited time.