Your Villa Magazine Riverside May-July 2020

6 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Natural Oasis Science shows that being out in nature is wonderful for us – it helps lower blood pressure, reduce stress, increase concentration and clear our minds. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports we spend 90 percent of our time indoors, but most people feel that spending time in nature has a positive effect on their mental well being and stress level. So, if your goal is to de-stress, here are some healthy behaviors and design tips to help you bring nature’s sanctuary indoors. Fill your home with photos of nature - Surrounding yourself with images of nature can have a positive effect on wellness. Try framing some photos of special memories in nature like a hike with your family, beach sunset or mountain view. Let in more fresh air and natural light - Today’s homes are built tighter and more sealed, which means they trap toxins from daily living - such as cooking, cleaning, pets and more - inside. Adding skylights that can open is a simple home renovation project to improve fresh air flow, helping rid indoor air of pollutants. Additionally, studies show that exposure to natural light helps to sync your circadian rhythm, allowing for better sleep at night. Fill your home with natural scents - Up your chef game by using fresh herbs in your cooking that will fill your kitchen with natural fragrance. Making an indoor herb garden ensures you’ll always have some on hand. You can also incorporate fresh herbs into bouquets or wreaths for a natural air freshener throughout your home. Meditate or do yoga in the morning - Waking up with stretching or meditating is a great way to prepare yourself for a successful day. Open the blinds or curtains on your windows and skylights to let in early morning light and help you feel invigorated and refreshed. Go green with your decor - Reap the benefits of nature by bringing it inside, adding greenery or even fruit into your decor. The possibilities are endless - use a bowl of fresh fruit as a centerpiece or mix different sizes of pots to create a succulent gallery. Little touches of green in each room will go a long way. Use natural cleaning products - Many common cleaning products have harsh chemicals that can be inhaled or absorbed into your skin. Combat the dangers of these toxins by switching to natural cleaning products. You’ll feel safer and more relaxed when your home is chemical-free. From boosting your home’s natural light to going green and adding plant life, it’s easy to turn your home into a natural oasis with these simple steps. Edited by YourVilla Staff H E A L T H + B E A U T Y with purchase of $50 or more ® Cannot be redeemed for cash. Valid only at Clark’s Nutrition and Natural Foods Market locations. Coupons must be relinquished at the time of purchase. YourVilla Magazine Offer Expires 12/31/2020 WE SAY NO TO: Parabens, Sulfates, DEA/MEA, Phalates, PEG, Harsh Salt Systems, Silicones, Harmful Colors or Fragrances Naturally Based LINDSEY ALLRED (909) 647-8048 DISCOVER VISIBLY LONGER, FULLER, STRONGER, YOUNGER-LOOKING HAIR ACTUAL MONAT RESULTS 7 Month Progress 15% OFF + FREE SHIPPING MUSTBECOMEVIP 32 | YourVilla Magazine