Foothills Sentry January 2022

Foothills Sentry Page 16 January 2022 Expires 01/31/21 *All coupons are valid one time only. One coupon per customer per job. Not to be combined with any other o er. Coupons discounts are subject to change at any time. INFO@GRUETT.COM E-MAIL US @ GRUETT.COM VISIT US @ *Not to be combined with any other o er Expires 01/31/21 15% OFF Tree IV treatments for the month of January • Trimming, pruning, lacing, and thinning • Removals • Stump Grinding • Emergency Services • Tree Care Maintenance • Residential / Commercial Property Cleanup • Weed Abatement • Integrated Pest Management • Tree Hazard Assessments • Scientific Solutions • Soil Restructuring • Organic & Systemic Options • Licensed C27, C61, D49 Contractor • ISA Certified Arborist • Certified Plant Healthcare Technicians • Landscape Maintenance Specialist • Consulting Arborists • Heavy Equipment Operators • Your Neighbor! Call for Details! Expires 01/31/21 *Not to be combined with any other o er ************************ GRUETT OFFERS Tree CARE & HEALTHCARE Services We are: *Not to be combined with any other o er. Invoice to be paid upon completion of work Quotes of $1100 or more $110 OFF Quotes of $610 or more $55 OFF $25 OFF Quotes of $325 or more $75 per tree Pre-Spring Nutrient Pack What do you call a helpful Citrus? A Lemonaid! While that pun was terrible, Citrus fruits are not! Citrus provide so many natural, healthy vitamins and nutrients and are known to lower heart disease. Here are some fun facts: 1 Lemon provides about 20 calories, provides a great source of Vitamin C and fiber, and contains many plant compounds, minerals and essential oils. Oranges contain even more Vitamin C (more than any other citrus), about 12 grams of sugar, calcium, potassium and Vitamin A. The vitamins in citrus fruits help protect your cells from damage, produce collagen, boosts your immune system and slows the advance of age-related macular degeneration (vision loss). The benefits to Citrus fruits to us are endless, and lucky for us, here in Southern Califor- nia we are in the perfect environment for growing them! We are however, in the “quar- antine zone” for citrus greening disease here in Orange County. Citrus Greening Disease or “Huonlongbing” is a disease that affects citrus trees with bacteria in the cambial layer, or live tissue layers, of the tree and restrict movement of water and nutrients throughout the tree’s system. Since there is no cure for the disease, the best we can do is to keep the vector (Asian Citrus Psyllid) off of the trees. You can use organic insecti- cides for the most part, and once we’ve gained control, citric and neem oils can be a great deterrent. On-going care for your Citrus trees once they contract the disease will make all the difference in terms of life expectancy. If you suspect your Citrus trees may be infected, call the ISA Certified Arborists at Gruett Tree Company to see how we can help you and your trees. We are running specials for a Lime-eted time! Protect your pines from bark beetle! Helpful Citrus Hot Stove League We would like to use this space and this platform to thank all of our loyal clients for your support and trust for the past 39 years! Through thick and thin, the good times, the bad times, the economic booms and the recessions, through pandemics and elections. Through the losses of loved ones both in our immediate families, and our extended leafy families, to the emergence of new life in both your family “trees”, we thank you all! Thank you for dealing with our quirky, geekiness, knowing that we will give you vital tree knowledge if you stick around long enough. Thank you for putting your faith and trust in our years of experience, our undying passion for our field, and our relentless thirst for knowledge in the field of dendrology. Many of you have watched us grow from teenagers and saplings into experienced Arborists and babbling Lorax’s. This coming year is Gruett’s 40th year anniversary, and our new generation is chomping at the bit to uncover all that we have to offer to both you and your trees, like nothing our industry has ever seen! We are always moving forward and our promise to you is to always be at the forefront of our industry, standing side by side with all of you! We wish you all the happiest of holidays with whomever you choose to spend it with. We appreciate you immensely, as do your trees!