Foothills Sentry November 2021

Foothills Sentry Page 16 November 2021 Quotes of $325 or more Expires 11/30/21 *All coupons are valid one time only. One coupon per customer per job. Not to be combined with any other o er. Coupons discounts are subject to change at any time. INFO@GRUETT.COM E-MAIL US @ FROM ARBORIST CONSULTATIONS TOWARDS FUTURE TREE HEALTHCARE WORK GRUETT.COM VISIT US @ *Not to be combined with any other o er GOOD THRU 11/30/21 20% OFF Pneumatic Aeration & Re-Mineralization Soil Services • Trimming, pruning, lacing, and thinning • Removals • Stump Grinding • Emergency Services • Tree Care Maintenance • Residential / Commercial Property Cleanup • Weed Abatement • Integrated Pest Management • Tree Hazard Assessments • Scientific Solutions • Soil Restructuring • Organic & Systemic Options • Licensed C27, C61, D49 Contractor • ISA Certified Arborist • Certified Plant Healthcare Technicians • Landscape Maintenance Specialist • Consulting Arborists • Heavy Equipment Operators • Your Neighbor! Expires 11/30/21 *Not to be combined with any other o er ************************ GRUETT OFFERS Tree CARE & HEALTHCARE Services We are: *Not to be combined with any other o er. Invoice to be paid upon completion of work $25 OFF 50% REBATE Quotes of $610 or more $55 OFF Quotes of $1100 or more $110 OFF Orange County is currently experiencing a drought. This has an impact on the health of our trees and their potential of decline due to pests and disease. Drought stressed and weakened trees are much more likely to fall prey to pests like bark beetles and contribute to state-wide fires. SGRs, or “Systemic Growth Regulators”, can extend the life of trees by allowing the tree to redirect their energy from producing more shoots on the top and focus more on the fibrous root production to improve drought and heat resistance. This in return gives you a healthier more durable tree. Over the course of two years, the regulator reduces canopy growth by 40-70%. Winter watering combined with the use of SGRs can help keep your tree healthy during the summer, help prevent infestations of pests, and reduce the potential for fires. Talk to a professional at Gruett Tree Co. today about the use of Systemic Growth Regulators to see if your tree could benefit from an application this winter season. Protect your pines from bark beetle! Winter drought The winter season is here, which means it is the perfect time to have your trees trimmed. These winter months provide the optimal conditions for tree trimming for a few reasons. Many tree pests are dormant during the winter, so trimming when it is cold gives the tree time to compartmental- ize the cuts before the emergence of warm weather pests such as beetles and borers. Some trees in our area go through dormancy during this time as well and drop their foliage. This gives tree workers an opportunity to better see each tree’s unique architecture and make precise, well-thought cuts that help keep trees structurally sound and happy. Trimming during the inactive growing season of winter allows the tree to hold onto its hard-earned sugars and put its energy into healing rather than sending out new growth and becoming stressed. This winter season put your trust in Gruett Tree Co. for expertly trimmed trees that will be ready for productive spring growth. Re-Mineralizing your trees while they’re hibernating is a great practice as well, so when spring rolls around they have everything they need for the big growth push! Tree trimming in winter