Foothills Sentry December 2021

Foothills Sentry Page 16 December 2021 Expires 12/31/21 *All coupons are valid one time only. One coupon per customer per job. Not to be combined with any other o er. Coupons discounts are subject to change at any time. INFO@GRUETT.COM E-MAIL US @ BARK BEETLE PHEROMONE DETERRENT TREATMENT PROTECT YOUR CHRISTMAS TREES! (WELL YOUR PINES AND CONIFERS) GRUETT.COM VISIT US @ *Not to be combined with any other o er Expires 12/31/21 20% OFF Pneumatic Aeration & Re-Mineralization Soil Services • Trimming, pruning, lacing, and thinning • Removals • Stump Grinding • Emergency Services • Tree Care Maintenance • Residential / Commercial Property Cleanup • Weed Abatement • Integrated Pest Management • Tree Hazard Assessments • Scientific Solutions • Soil Restructuring • Organic & Systemic Options • Licensed C27, C61, D49 Contractor • ISA Certified Arborist • Certified Plant Healthcare Technicians • Landscape Maintenance Specialist • Consulting Arborists • Heavy Equipment Operators • Your Neighbor! Call for Details! Expires 12/31/21 *Not to be combined with any other o er ************************ GRUETT OFFERS Tree CARE & HEALTHCARE Services We are: *Not to be combined with any other o er. Invoice to be paid upon completion of work Buy 1 Get 1 FREE! Quotes of $1100 or more $110 OFF GRUETT CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! Quotes of $610 or more $55 OFF $25 OFF Quotes of $325 or more Living in southern California has its benefits, after all, it is one of the most sought-after places to live in the world, definitely in our country. We are spoiled with the “farm-to-ta- ble” restaurant options we have that many other states can only dream of! We can visit the beach and go snowboarding in the same day if we wanted to. It is essentially the “HOV” lane of states. But like those convenient HOV lanes, we have to pay our tolls to live here. There are a few that we have no choice about: Earthquakes and Santa Ana winds are two of the most costly. With earthquakes, there isn’t much we can do, but for the Santa Ana winds, there is quite a lot we can do to prepare. Thinning our trees prior to the Santa Ana winds can not only save our trees, and the stress- es they would go through if they experience broken branches, but also save our dreams from nightmares of property damage and bodily harm from branches sent flying in broad daylight. When trees are trimmed properly, the cut branches are able to compartmental- ize and seal the wound, allowing for healthy new growth, whilst allowing the wind to pass cleanly through the canopy. A torn branch however, the tree cannot compartmentalize, and it will remain an open wound, vulnerable to attacks from pests and pathogens. And just like there are certain rush hours that the toll lane seems to be paved in gold, there are certain times of year your trees should be trimmed at, and that rush hour is NOW. This is the perfect time of year where the trees can be trimmed without high stress, and will also safeguard your home, vehicles and good night’s sleep. Call Gruett today to get your trees thinned out and avoid those tolls! Protect your pines from bark beetle! Nature’s HOV lane Thank you for a Wonderful Year! We would like to use this space and this platform to thank all of our loyal clients for your support and trust for the past 39 years! Through thick and thin, the good times, the bad times, the economic booms and the recessions, through pandemics and elections. Through the losses of loved ones both in our immediate families, and our extended leafy families, to the emergence of new life in both your family “trees”, we thank you all! Thank you for dealing with our quirky, geekiness, knowing that we will give you vital tree knowledge if you stick around long enough. Thank you for putting your faith and trust in our years of experience, our undying passion for our field, and our relentless thirst for knowledge in the field of dendrology. Many of you have watched us grow from teenagers and saplings into experienced Arborists and babbling Lorax’s. This coming year is Gruett’s 40th year anniversary, and our new generation is chomping at the bit to uncover all that we have to offer to both you and your trees, like nothing our industry has ever seen! We are always moving forward and our promise to you is to always be at the forefront of our industry, standing side by side with all of you! We wish you all the happiest of holidays with whomever you choose to spend it with. We appreciate you immensely, as do your trees!