Your Villa - East Valley - November 2023 - January 2024

by Tiar’a Literary & Illustration As the aroma of chestnuts roasting on an open fire , the sounds of hymns being sung by a choir , and sleigh bells ringing throughout the air of a crisp winter’s night consume our festive musings - there is one location nestled within Southern California where the charm and grace of holiday luxury and cheer can be forever discovered. Since 1959, Emerson Jewelry have been graciously assisting patrons wrap their most cherished gifts, lavished with elegance and love. From engagements to weddings and birthdays, to Valentine’s and Christmas celebrations. Emerson Jewelry defines itself as the steward of custom and exquisite jewelry design that endear themselves to becoming family heirlooms. The fabled tale of jolly Ol’ St. Nick - a bubbly fellow who travels the globe on a sleigh with Rudolf and eight reindeer, delivering gifts has been told for centuries. However, if Ol’ St. Nick’s gift- giving involves fine jewelry, he has no need to visit Orange County nor Los Angeles to uncover these precious gems. Emerson Jewelry boasts an impeccable line of personally curated and on-trend marvels from Italy, Spain, and beyond. Yet, this is not the only uniquely defining quality that exudes Emerson Jewelry’s illustrious establishment. The Van Craeynest’s legacy has been firmly etched in the annals of Emerson Jewelry’s history. During the roaring 1920’s in San Francisco, California, Van Craeynest was a European master- craftsmen who excelled in the art of jewelry. In 2011, the Emerson family acquired the Van Craeynest brand equipped with a desire to uphold its cherished tradition and methods of fine jewelry making. In fact, if you take a jaunt along Historic Redland’s State Street at the corner of 5th, you will witness the Van Craeynest factory in its new location where die-pressers, and jewelry benches host the master-Emerson-jewelry makers’ crafting the treasures that may be part of gifts laid beneath your Christmas tree. If you are seeking the finest jewelry this Christmas, be certain to take a trip to Emerson Jewelry where the true tradition, class, and excellence of jewelry making stands the test of time. L I F E S T Y L E + S H O P An Exquisite Christmas with Emerson 30 | Your Villa Magazine