Your Villa Magazine - Foothill Cities - November-January - 2023

D E S I G N + B U I L D 5 New Year’s Resolutions for your Home Every year, nearly half the population comes up with a New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately, of those go-getting individuals, only about 8 percent actually achieve it, according to research. But why does this happen? Maybe it’s because too many people are chasing goals that are too far out of reach. Why not ditch the cliché resolutions and instead vow to spruce up your living space in 2023? This year, instead of promising to exercise and eat clean every day, focus on giving your home the attention it deserves. There are plenty of ways to revamp your space, so be ambitious and make 2023 the year your love for design truly shines. Here are five New Year’s resolutions for your home: 1. Call Michelle Jett Decorating Den Interiors for assistance Before you start making any moves, you need to call a design consultant from Michelle Jett Decorating Den Interiors. Your personal decorator will come over for a free in-home consultation and help you decide which new design elements would benefit your space most. With their assistance, you can come up with a décor-inspired New Year’s resolution that’s realistically achievable. 2. Clear the clutter If you’re looking for a way to feel accomplished with minimal effort, simply clear the clutter in your home. Go through every cabinet, bookshelf, and junk drawer you’ve created and purge the useless trinkets. If you need help getting organized, your personal decorator may suggest a new shelving or storage system. That way, you can stop shoving miscellaneous items into random drawers and start placing them in a uniform spot. As you shuffle through your things, create a pile for donating, recycling, and throwing away. Design expert Antoinette Nue told HGTV that purging the clutter is a great way to clear your mind for the new year. “Fill your home with the things that raise your energy level and make you feel good, and get rid of the things that drain your energy or are broken,” she said. 3. Follow a new color scheme Choose at least one room in your home and change up its color scheme. Style at Home said it best: “A fresh coat of paint signifies fresh beginnings!” So gather your swatches, choose a new shade and get to work. After sprucing up your walls, consider which other design elements would work best with your new color scheme. Perhaps a large area rug will bring the room together, or new lighting fixtures can help exude the exact mood you’re going for. 4. Make simple, yet noticeable touches in decor Sometimes, making an adjustment in décor doesn’t necessarily mean you have to completely flip your space. If you want to make noticeable touches without the work, just consider the resolution that décor expert Orlando Sorla shared with The Huffington Post: “Next year I plan to refresh our New York apartment without having to redecorate the place entirely. I’ll add trim to the curtains, re-arrange art and swap out lamps (including the shades and finials). I might even replace our box-y coffee table with something a little more glam, then layer on a great kilim rug over the sisal for a modern mix.” Consider hanging new pieces of wall décor, exchanging table lamps for floor fixtures, and investing in a new set of drapery. 5. Turn your space into the home of your dreams If you’re looking for a home décor resolution that’s big and bold, look no further. 2023 is the year to turn your space into the home of your dreams. Exchange that outdated couch for a modern sofa. Get rid of those table lamps and consider a chic chandelier. If you need more insight on how to flip your space this year, your personal decorator can help you come up with a design scheme that’s equally astonishing and totally achievable. See? Accomplishing a New Year’s resolution doesn’t have to be impossible. Your love for décor and the help from a Michelle Jett Decorating Den Interiors design consultant is all you need to reach your goal. Contact us today at 1-877-JETTDEC (538-8332) if you’re ready to get started. 4 | YourVilla Magazine